What drafts may lead to!

OK, so I did maybe cheat in my last post. So, here’s the real deal.

I was going through my drafts planning to buff up one of those old ones and present here. And imagine my surprise when I found this *desperately searches for pointing down smiley and realises that this is not Whatsapp* *now searches for face palm smiley* Sigh!

Not even fifty words into the post and I’ve digressed already. So, here’s what I found in my drafts:


I have no idea what part of Season 3 prompted me to suspect that. Methinks it’s time to rewatch Sherlock, jog those dormant grey cells to action and solve this mystery once and for all.

Catch you at the other end of Season 3 then! Ciao _/|\_


The almost empty cup

Murder. Just another day in the life of Detective Bell.

‘Clearly, the (soon-to-be-former) wife did it,’ he called out. ‘Please,’ said his colleague Detective Jar, ‘try the (broke) son and we can all go home’.

‘Why would I waste time badgering an innocent man when I would rather spend it gathering tangible evidence supporting my case?,’ shot back Bell.

‘Because, it would be much easier getting the guilty party to confess,’ replied Jar calmly.

For her, it was the tea leaves that told the story. No right minded health nut, such as the wife, would add milk to green tea.

Written for Write Tribe‘s ‘100 Words on Saturday’ prompt


I look around the room and the memories come back. Some fondly caressing, some hard hitting – but they are all there – clear as daylight.

The anticipation as we climb higher. The exhilaration looking down from the peek. The funny feeling in the stomach as we go round and round. Giggling like kids, we ride the ferris wheel to celebrate our golden anniversary.

And that little glass ball that shimmers with every touch, like our love, glistening more and more with each passing year.

As if on cue, you pick it up and give it a gentle shake. We smile and the sun peeps out from behind the clouds.


Prompt from The Light and Shade Challenge
Picture from freeimages

7 Reasons why I love Harold Finch

I am here after a PoI marathon, with the implications of season three finale fresh in my mind. The father of AI has been reduced to a number!!! 😯 I am still shocked and decided that this is the perfect time for a chill out post. Why not talk about dear old Mr.Finch and why I love him 🙂

  • His love for books. The guy terms the neglect of libraries as ‘the decline of [Western] civilization’ and buys them just for the sake of it. Not to mention his drool-worthy collection of first editions.
  • His adorable sense of style. The horn-rimmed glasses, the overcoats, the vests, the ties, the suits, the butterflies and the batwings. And the hairstyle, don’t forget the hairstyle 😎
  • All that cash. Now, who wouldn’t want to date a billionaire?? 😉 More like a gazillionaire really.
  • I have a thing for geeks. Plain truth.
  • Beneath that geeky exterior, there is a die hard romantic. Did you notice that the only time he was angry was when Grace was in danger? It didn’t matter whether the threat was real or perceived.
  • The subtle wit. Sample this: Reese enters the library and finding it empty, does a bit of clandestine exploring. He is shocked to see Finch appear, apparently, out of nowhere and confronts him, to which the latter replies:

I breached the space time continuum. Not really..

  • All said and done, he’s the good guy. If I’d built something with unimaginable power, I’d probably be wondering what to wear for my coronation as queen of the world. Not Harold though. He had to become invisible, partner with a CIA hitman and, eventually, forgo what little identity he had left, all to save the world. Awwwww!!!!!

I can go on and on but I will stop here because seven is a good number and mainly because I am way too sleepy to continue :mrgreen:

Cheerio =)