The curious case of the inefficient reader

I was going through my reading list of the past month and realised how poorly I fared when compared to the number of books I had completed reading same time last year. And then, I made this startling discovery – the better results last year were solely due to Harry Potter and my old ebook reader. No, no, that is not the title of some limited edition HP novel but two separate reasons for the increased numbers.

I still remember the long and endless nights I dedicated to reading ‘just one more chapter’ almost throughout the HP series. The last time I read with such passion, it was Dan Brown and his paperback Deception Point that kept me turning the pages until my fingers had the satisfaction of reaching that point where there were no more pages to turn. But now, thanks to backlit ebook readers, you only had to touch for the next page. Also, no more constant reminders to ‘switch off the darn lights, it’s almost sun up time’ warnings.

And by the way, if you still don’t get it, I am the titular inefficient reader, not the electronic gadget 🙂