This love shall endure

This love shall endure

Tough love

Demons of doubt casting dark shadows
Over pastures of green and golden meadows

Rumbling thunder and ravaging rain
Springing out from separation’s pain

That green eyed mistress whose very gaze
Boils lakes putting deserts in their place

Fountains of spring and song of a lark
Frozen and trodden under a cold heart

All those things and much much more
This love shall endure!

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Musical musings

I discovered this gem completely by chance when I was researching piano music in movies for an article. It is one of the songs that makes me wet my eyes involuntarily as soon as I think about it. When things go bad, I listen to this song from Amelie and cry my heart out. It makes me understand that if such beautiful music can exist, then life cannot be all that bad.


Death Note – The Anime

Watch it, maybe

I have finally completed watching the Death Note anime series last week. It took me a good three months to finish it 😳 though it had a mere 37 twenty minute episodes. To some extent, the series itself was to blame for this delay ❗ It had its ups and downs, a bit more of the latter to be honest as my favourite character gets bumped off unceremoniously halfway through the show 😡 and my second favourite character disappears rather abruptly only to make an uninspiring comeback in the last few episodes.

Though it had only a limited number of characters, it was one too many for a show that had to move quite fast given its short time span. This was more conspicuous SPOILER ALERT after Ryuzaki dies ALERT ENDS and it made me lose interest in the show. The show’s creators probably felt the same way as I did and had decided to compensate by introducing new, but unfortunately, bad blood 😐 But I really thought that there would be some interesting history behind Ryuzaki (don’t tell me you didn’t notice his striking resemblance to the first Shinigami who turns to dust after saving Misa) which sadly went unexplored 😦 Why build up so much mystery around a character when you are just planning to do off with him just like that ❓ without even, wait for it, disclosing his name 😡

There is no proper justification given to the fanatical, bordering on annoying, devotion Misa, Keru, Takada have towards Light/Kira or the Shinigamis’ love (!?) for Misa. I mean, they are death gods, and they care about a human and an absolutely egoistic one at that ❗ ❓ ❗ The end was OK, nothing spectacular and it does not justify the means by a long shot.

My verdict – If you are an absolute anime fan that cannot resist characters with huge eyes (like me :mrgreen: ), go ahead and watch it.

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The curious case of the inefficient reader

I was going through my reading list of the past month and realised how poorly I fared when compared to the number of books I had completed reading same time last year. And then, I made this startling discovery – the better results last year were solely due to Harry Potter and my old ebook reader. No, no, that is not the title of some limited edition HP novel but two separate reasons for the increased numbers.

I still remember the long and endless nights I dedicated to reading ‘just one more chapter’ almost throughout the HP series. The last time I read with such passion, it was Dan Brown and his paperback Deception Point that kept me turning the pages until my fingers had the satisfaction of reaching that point where there were no more pages to turn. But now, thanks to backlit ebook readers, you only had to touch for the next page. Also, no more constant reminders to ‘switch off the darn lights, it’s almost sun up time’ warnings.

And by the way, if you still don’t get it, I am the titular inefficient reader, not the electronic gadget 🙂

What’s up with me!!

The songs in my current playlist in the increasing order of, um, for lack of a better word, passion:

  1. Love Song – Sara Bareilles
  2. Independent women – Destiny’s Child
  3. Irreplaceable – Beyonce
  4. Before he cheats – Carrie Underwood
  5. Cell block tango – Chicago

Now, do I have to warn B to run for cover or what!! 😀

And, drumrolls please ladies and gentlemen!!
Come one, come all. Presenting to the world, my new blog, Insane Verses!!!