You can’t catch me

There was once a guy with dubious street cred
“They could never catch me,” he said
Leaped above bridges, vaulted across the rail
Ten foot walls he used to scale
Until, on a banana peel, he did tread!


Prompt from The Light and Shade Challenge
Picture from Internet Archive Book Images



Broken glass

Here I am

Another day
Another night
Another minute
Another second

What does it matter
You are not here with me

I put all my love

In a box
You lost the key

In a letter
You never read it

In a song
You didn’t like the tune

What does it matter now
You will never be here with me

Prompt from The Light and Shade Challenge
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This love shall endure

This love shall endure

Tough love

Demons of doubt casting dark shadows
Over pastures of green and golden meadows

Rumbling thunder and ravaging rain
Springing out from separation’s pain

That green eyed mistress whose very gaze
Boils lakes putting deserts in their place

Fountains of spring and song of a lark
Frozen and trodden under a cold heart

All those things and much much more
This love shall endure!

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